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Our Water Jetter Can Blast Away Anything Hiding In Your Line!

Have you noticed any warning signs from your drain and sewer lines recently, in the form of slow-draining, unusual gurgling noises or embarrassing odors? If so, there could be a problem forming in your wastewater lines, so why not deal with it before it becomes a major headache? At Zoom Drain of Charleston, we offer our Zoom Jetting service to keep your pipes sparkling clean.

Our customized water jetter, built right into every one of our service trucks, can clear the majority of buildup or soft clogs forming in your pipe. With a maneuverable hose – capable of blasting as much as 4,000 PSI of water and reaching up to 350 feet – as well as a variety of replaceable nozzles, it’ll find anything hiding in your line and wash it away. And it does it all without damaging your pipe. Think of it as a pressure washer for your wastewater lines. Of course, if you need something a little stronger, our powersnake can cut through anything that might be a little tougher, from massive clogs to built up grease to pesky invasive tree roots.

Rid your drains of any buildup or potential clogs, to ensure no future emergencies. Call Zoom Drain of Charleston at (843) 765-4428 or schedule an appointment online today.

We offer more than just water jetting. As the drain and sewer experts, we handle anything that deals with wastewater. Some of the services we provide to Mount Pleasant residents include:

  • PowerSnake Service: With the ability to cut through even the toughest clogs and buildup, thanks to a spinning blade, no clog is safe – even if it’s hundreds of feet away.
  • Video Sewer Inspection: Without any digging, we can see in real-time exactly what’s going on in your pipe. You’ll get a copy and we can handle any problem right on the spot.
  • Enzyme Treatment: Typically done as a follow-up precaution, this process involves pouring eco-friendly enzyme solutions down the drain to break up post-accumulation.

Avoid Emergencies With Our Preventative Maintenance Plans!

When it comes to Mount Pleasant homes and businesses, you’ve got enough to worry about, so why add drains and sewers to the list? If you want to almost completely eliminate the likelihood of dealing with an emergency, you can sign up for one of our preventative maintenance plans. We’ll come out routinely to your home or business and assess the current status of your lines with a video sewer inspection – we’ll also review your plumbing issue history when you sign up.

From there, we’ll water jet the line to clear away any buildup that might be forming, pour enzyme treatments and automatically return in the future, based on the amount of usage your lines see, making sure your pipes are always flowing their best. And don’t worry, you’re in good hands with Zoom Drain of Charleston’s expert technicians – every expert cleans over a thousand drains each year. You worry about enough things, your drains and sewers shouldn’t be one of them! So, never deal with an emergency again, one that could affect your business or your everyday life.

For additional information about our preventative maintenance plans, give Zoom Drain of Charleston a call at (843) 765-4428 or schedule an appointment online!

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