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Clogged drains are annoying and inconvenient. If left unaddressed, they can cause expensive and potentially hazardous mess and damage. That’s why you need Zoom Drain of Philadelphia!

Our Chestnut Hill drain cleaning experts specialize in drain and sewer issues, so you’ll benefit from our extensive training and hands-on experience. We deliver effective solutions that get to the root of the problem—and that others may have overlooked. From repairing sewer lines and to cleaning drains, we know what to look for when you’re experiencing chronic clogs or backups.

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Eliminating Stubborn Clogs for GoodA Zoom Drain specialist performs a video camera sewer inspection

Getting to the root cause of sewer and drain problems is key to eliminating them. If the cause isn’t immediately obvious, our team can perform a video camera sewer inspection. A video inspection allows us to see what’s going on inside the sewer or drain pipe and identify exactly what and where the problem is, which helps us determine the best solution.

We utilize a number of professional tools and equipment to perform our work efficiently and effectively.

When it comes to stubborn clogs, we may recommend:

  • PowerSnake service: We move a flexible steel cable fitted with a blade through the pipe, rotating it as it goes to cut through clogs and buildup and clean the inner surfaces of the pipe.
  • Water jetting service: Our high-pressure jetting system pushes a powerful stream of water through the pipe, blasting through clogs and sloughing off buildup along the sides, with no damage to pipes.
  • Enzyme treatment: Eco-friendly enzyme solutions are poured into pipes to eat through organic matter building up and causing clogs. This is often used as a follow-up to one of the above methods, as well as a standalone treatment.

A Zoom Drain specialist in the driver's seat of a Zoom Drain truckYour Trusted Drain & Sewer Specialists in Chestnut Hill

When you call Zoom Drain of Philadelphia, you get a team of licensed, highly trained, and background-checked professionals. We perform hundreds of drain and sewer inspections, cleanings, and repairs each year, making us exceptionally qualified to provide you with the solution you need. Our team is committed to making sure you are completely satisfied with not only our work but also our customer service. We strive for excellence in everything we do.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We're always happy to answer any questions about drain and sewers, our company, or our services, so you're welcome to reach out to us at any time. However, we've put together some of the questions we’re asked most frequently, along with our answers.

What caused my drain clog?

The specific answer to this question is different for each drain, but there are several common culprits. Clogs are usually the result of a buildup of foreign matter inside the drain, a single foreign object or mass, or a combination of these. Hair, grease, baby wipes, feminine hygiene products, toys, and tree roots are among the top offenders—do your best to keep these things out of your drains.

Can I schedule an appointment online?

Yes, you can! Our convenient online scheduler allows you to request your preferred appointment time.

Are you running any specials?

We often have cost-saving offers available! Check out our coupons page to see our current offers for drain and sewer services in Chestnut Hill.

Will sewer repair ruin my lawn and/or landscaping?

Standard excavation often requires quite a bit of digging, which can have a big impact on your yard. Trenchless sewer repair methods, however, are far less invasive, requiring just a small hole at either end. Talk to our team about which method is right for your situation.

Does your team provide commercial sewer and drain services?A Zoom Drain specialist holds a hose down a commercial kitchen drain

We do! In addition to residential services, our team offers drain cleaning, inspections, and related services to businesses and commercial buildings throughout Chestnut Hill.

Do you clean restaurant grease traps?

Yes, we offer grease trap services for restaurants and commercial kitchens, including cleaning grease interceptors.

When you need quality drain repairs in Chestnut Hill, trust the specialists at Zoom Drain. Call (215) 584-4436 to learn more or schedule your service online!

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