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When you have a drain emergency on your hands, waiting until the next business day is not an option. The longer a drain backflows into your property, the more damage it will do. It needs to be addressed right away.

You can count on Zoom Drain of Philadelphia for emergency drain repair and emergency drain cleaning throughout Philadelphia. Whether it is 3:00 AM on a Sunday or you just took the Thanksgiving turkey out of the oven, you can call us for help — seriously.

Our team of experts is always ready to come to the rescue with emergency drain cleaning thanks to our flexible schedules and fully stocked company vehicles. We can conduct most urgent drain repairs and cleanings in just one visit, allowing you to get back to normal in less time than you probably expect.

Call (215) 584-4436 right now if you need our emergency drain cleaning services in Philly.

Reasons for Needing Sewer & Drain Emergency Services

Taking care of a damaged drain or broken sewer line is not something you should take care of immediately for the convenience of it. You should arrange for rapid repairs and services to preserve the well-being of your own health and home, too. The truth is a back-flowing or overflowing drain can ultimately cause a lot of harm if it isn’t addressed soon.

Problems that can be caused by a broken or ruptured drain include:

  • Water damage: Overflowing water can start to flood your property in a matter of minutes, depending on its source. The water damage caused can be extensive. Carpeting and flooring are the most susceptible to permanent damage if the problem is not fixed right away, but the walls and woodwork behind them can also be jeopardized. Furniture, electronics, and other personal items are also at risk, of course.
  • Foundation damage: If the foundation under your home is porous, then it can start to absorb excess water that has been left to stand. Too much absorption can cause the concrete to flex, swell, and crack. With a weakened foundation, the stability of your entire home could be weakened as well.
  • Health hazards and illnesses: Water damage from an overflowing water line or drain can trigger mold growth that releases unsafe spores into the air you breathe. Backflow from a broken sewer line can introduce hazardous wastewater into your home, creating a significant health risk. Depending on the layout of your plumbing system, it could even make wastewater mix with potable water.

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Signs of a Ruptured Sewer Pipe

Not every sewer line rupture or clog will be immediately obvious. That does not mean they require services that are any less urgent, though. It just means you might need to keep your eyes open for subtle signs of a broken sewer line.

Your sewer line is likely ruptured if you notice:

  • Foul odors: Is an unplaceable stench lingering in your home? Does it get stronger in any room where there is a faucet, drain, or toilet? It is very likely that your sewer line is broken or clogged beneath your feet.
  • Frequent clogs: Clogs should not be so frequent that you can count the days with them. If different drains around your property keep clogging several times in a week or month, then there might be a serious issue deeper in your sewer system.
  • Wet spots in your yard: There should be no unexplained wet spots in your front or backyard. Puddles forming in the grass (that cannot be explained by rain or sprinklers) may indicate a sewer line problem. The same is true if you notice certain spots of your yard have suddenly become much greener and lusher than usual.

Emergency Grease Trap Services

Food and Hospitality managers rely heavily on a fully functioning grease trap for successful day-to-day operation. When a grease trap or interceptor is poorly maintained or malfunctions, it can mean considerable trouble for your commercial property’s plumbing. Grease buildup is a leading cause of sewage line backup and other significant problems in your business and sewer system if not effectively processed. Zoom Drain of Philadelphia is ready to tackle and clean out your commercial grease trap using the latest technology and state-of-the-art tools. Your grease trap needs a professional if you notice the following signs:

  • Foul smells
  • Water draining slowly
  • Blocked sewers and drain pipes
  • Leaking grease trap

ZOOM DRAIN® to the Rescue!

Call (215) 584-4436 right now if you need our 24-hour drain cleaning and sewer repair services in Philadelphia. There is no time to waste when dangerous wastewater could be entering your home and contaminating your potable water. But don’t worry about our services being too quick that they become hasty.

We are always 100% committed to delivering five-star services at affordable prices, even for emergency calls.

If you need emergency drain repair in Philadelphia, call (215) 584-4436 any time, day or night! For less urgent matters, Request service online!

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