Drain Cleaning

Residential Drain Cleaning In Minneapolis, MN

Professional Drain Cleaning Services In The Twin Cities

Everyone experiences it at some point. Your whole day can be ruined by a clogged drain. Our goal at Zoom Drain of Twin Cities is to solve drain problems as fast as possible. Maintaining your drains is one of our specialties, whether we're clearing clogs or blasting your pipes clean.

Here are some of the most common drains we unclog and fix:

  • Sink drains
  • Kitchen and bathroom drains
  • Garbage disposals
  • Basement drains
  • Toilet drains
  • Laundry drains
  • Main drains
  • Storm and outside drains

PowerSnake Services In Minneapolis

Zoom Drain of Twin Cities's PowerSnake service uses an electro-mechanical machine that rotates a steel cable or snake through your pipes with a blade attached. The blade dislodges obstructions inside your pipes. Most initial responses to clogged drains are handled by our PowerSnake service. A clogged pipe can be quickly and economically cleaned by this method, which allows water to drain. In no time, you will be washing, rinsing, and flushing again.

Our Water Jetting Services

With ZOOM Jetting®, sludge and debris are removed, grease is penetrated and emulsified, hardened scale is cut out, and roots are pulverized. We leave our customers with drains that look like new. Our high-pressure water jetting services can cut through stubborn clogs and recurring blockages.

ZOOM Jetting® is like power washing the inside of your drain lines, unlike conventional mechanical snakes or rooters that only punch a hole through the blockage. In the end, it's the difference between a fix that will last for a few days and a solution that promises long-term results.

Drain Cleaning After Care

It is only through proper care and maintenance that you can keep your drains flowing smoothly. Once a clogged drain line has been cleared by PowerSnake® or Zoom Jetting® service, the drain line should be treated with a bacteria and enzyme product, a drain degreaser, or a tree root inhibitor, depending on the cause.

Experiencing stubborn clogs in your Minneapolis home? Don't let drainage issues disrupt your day! Reach out to our expert team for swift, efficient drain cleaning services. Call (952) 260-8873 or reach out online.

Our RaveReviews

  • “ Zoom Drain were phenomenal. Our plumber recommended them to us and they exceed all of our expectations!”

    - John G.

  • “Excellent job! Very professional men. Got the job done in less then one hour. Would highly recommend.”

    - Charles S.

  • “Highly recommend! I had an emergency situation my daughter recommended zoom drain. Very happy with the whole experience. They came out in the time frame quoted did the job at a fair price.”

    - Ella