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Residential Drain Cleaning Services in Austin, TX

Drains Clogged? Call for Same-Day, Next-Day Service!

Everybody experiences it. You can have a whole day ruined by a clogged drain. Whenever you have a drain problem, we can fix it fast at Zoom Drain of Austin. In addition to cutting through clogs, we blast your pipes clean to keep your drains flowing smoothly.

We unclog and fix the following drains most often:

  • Sink drains
  • Kitchen and bathroom drains
  • Garbage disposals
  • Basement drains
  • Toilet drains
  • Laundry drains
  • Main drains
  • Storm and outside drains

How We Clean Your Drains

Since we specialize in drain cleaning, we come prepared for the worst clogs. We'll start by diagnosing the issue and, if needed, using our drain cameras to perform an inspection. The drain inspection will allow us to location the clog and help us prescribe the best drain cleaning service: PowerSnake or ZOOM Jetting®.

Our PowerSnake Services

Using Zoom Drain's PowerSnake service, an electro-mechanical machine rotates through your pipes with a steel cable or snake attached to a blade. Blockages in your pipes can be dislodged using the blade.

Clogged drains are almost always cleared by PowerSnake. In this way, the clogged pipe can be purge quickly and economically, allowing the water to drain. Then you can wash, rinse, and flush again in no time.

Our ZOOM Jetting® Service

Sludge and debris are cut through with our ZOOM Jetting® system. Grease is penetrated and emulsified, hardened scale is removed, and roots are pulverized.

Drains look like new after being cleaned by us. A powerful, high-pressure water jet is no match for stubborn clogs or recurring blockages. In contrast, ZOOM Jetting® is like power washing the inside of your drain lines rather than just punching a hole through the obstruction.

An effective fix for chronic drain problems depends on whether it is a good-for-today fix or a lasting one.

Need drain cleaning services near you? Call us at (737) 234-9946 or book your service online today.

Proper Drain Care Tips

Maintaining your drains properly is the only way to keep them running smoothly. Depending on the cause of the clog, it's important to treat the drain line with bacteria and enzymes, drain degreaser, or tree root inhibitor after a clogged drain has been cleaned with PowerSnake or ZOOM Jetting®. See our products page for more information about ZOOM DRAIN Bio™, Citra-Jet, and RootX®

Zoom Drain of Austin IS THE NAME TO TRUST FOR ALL YOUR DRAIN AND SEWER NEEDS. To book your service, dial (737) 234-9946 or book online.

Drain Cleaning | FAQs

How often should my drains be cleaned?

Your drains should be cleaned at least once a year. However, depending on your particular situation and the amount of usage they get, you may need to clean them more frequently.

Below are a few things to consider:

  • Your Drain Pipes' Condition. For example, if you have an older home with old pipes that haven't been maintained well, or if there is high traffic in your home's kitchen, you may want to clean your drains two or three times a year.
  • Have Clogs Cleaned ASAP. Additionally, it is important to clean out any clogs as soon as they occur. This will help prevent build up over time that can lead to bigger issues such as sewer backups and flooding.
  • Use Drain-Safe Solutions. Furthermore, using enzymatic cleaners can help maintain the health of your pipes by breaking down organic buildup, like food particles and grease.

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  • “Highly recommend! I had an emergency situation my daughter recommended zoom drain. Very happy with the whole experience. They came out in the time frame quoted did the job at a fair price.”

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