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Zoom Drain of Denver South is owned and operated by Eric Baliruno, a Uganda native who has spent the last 24 years living in the Denver community.

Baliruno moved to the Mile High City to pursue his accounting degree at Colorado Christian University. After earning his BSC in accounting in December 2003, he attended the University of Colorado, Denver, and attained his MBA in corporate financial management in May 2009.

Throughout the last 18 years, Baliruno has progressively gained experience in the accounting field in startup and mature organizations. As a senior team member for the previous seven years, he has a proven track record of successfully performing all accounting functions, building and leading teams, and partnering with business leadership to achieve corporate goals and objectives. Baliruno brings developed P&L management skills, an understanding of calculated risks, market needs identification, and technology acceptance and utilization to the owner/operator role. His profound knowledge of the power of brands, understanding of business development, key growth drivers, the importance of metrics and systems, and processes designed to sustain successful organizations will be incredibly integral for Zoom Drain South Denver. Additionally, Baliruno possesses leadership skills, strategic planning experience, and solid financial acumen.

Baliruno reviewed and evaluated several business opportunities before choosing Zoom Drain. “Of all franchises I was presented with, Zoom Drain immediately stood out because it checked more boxes in my criteria than the others,” says Baliruno. “I wanted to join a franchise system that is in the business of serving people, is essential to communities, is recession-proof, and is financially rewarding. A company focused on people, culture and with growth and scale potential also was a high priority to me.”

For Baliruno, Denver is the ideal city to start his business because of his deep-seated love for the community. “Denver has always been a place of warm-hearted people to me,” he maintains. “I was welcomed and accepted and have built long-term friendships here. The approximately 300 days of sunshine a year and kind winters have always been selling points. The proximity to the beautiful Rocky Mountains and the numerous local trails I run on brings me peace.”

Baliruno believes in the essentiality of drain and sewer services, which have a significant societal impact on the local community. The service also allows the company to solve needs and enrich the community. As Denver South moves forward, Baliruno plans to expand his workforce and add partners as part of his future growth and expansion strategy, which also will bring a positive benefit to the local Denver South community.

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