Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning in Fort Lauderdale

What Is Drain Cleaning?

Your drains aren't something you think about all the time. In fact, it's unlikely that you'll think about it until there's a problem. With daily use, your drains have a lot to contend with, from hair and soap scum to oil and food particles. Fortunately, the Zoom Drain of Fort Lauderdale crew has the knowledge, experience, and patience to clear out obstinate clogs once and for all. We provide a variety of drain cleaning services for Fort Lauderdale-area homes like yours, and we'll employ cutting-edge equipment and tried-and-true strategies to keep your drainage system running smoothly.

Some of the techniques and equipment we utilize include:

  • ZOOM DRAIN Bio™ – This product can naturally dissolve hair, soap residue, grease, food, and organic waste with just one use. We utilize ZOOM DRAIN Bio™ for both residential and commercial customers.
  • PowerSnake – When you have particularly stubborn and thick drain clogs, we like to use PowerSnake. This potent tool uses cables and a small blade at the end to cut through resilient clogs with ease.
  • ZOOM Jetting® – Our drain cleaning professionals in Fort Lauderdale use high-pressure water and ZOOM Jetting to clear clogs. We employ a hose similar to our PowerSnake to combat obstructions, but this strategy can prevent clogs from recurring.
  • Citrajet® –Citrajet is a extremely concentrated low-foaming acid cleaner that is still biodegradable, so it will eliminate clogs without affecting the environment. After all, our staff strives to use non-toxic goods that will not cause future environmental difficulties.
  • RootX® – With RootX on our side, drain cleaning becomes considerably easier and less time-consuming. We all know that roots can get into your drains, but this tried-and-true method is an effective and long-lasting root management strategy for your pipes.

Do you have a warranty? Check out our Zoom Drain Satisfaction Guarantee.

Drain Cleaning FAQs

Does Liquid Drain Cleaner Work?

Liquid drain cleaners can be effective in some cases to clear simple clogs caused by organic matter, such as hair, soap scum, or food particles. However, these products typically contain chemicals, such as sodium hydroxide (lye) or sulfuric acid which can dissolve or break down the clog.

However, it's essential to consider the following factors:

  • Effectiveness - Liquid drain cleaners may not work on severe or stubborn clogs caused by non-organic materials like grease, mineral deposits, or foreign objects.
  • Safety Concerns - Drain cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can be harmful if mishandled. They may pose health risks if accidentally ingested, inhaled, or come into contact with the skin or eyes.
  • Potential Damage - Frequent use of chemical drain cleaners can corrode pipes and cause damage to the plumbing system over time.
  • Environmental Impact - The chemicals in drain cleaners can be harmful to the environment if they enter waterways or groundwater.

For more stubborn clogs or to avoid potential risks and damage, it's best to consider alternative methods such as using a plunger, drain snake, or seeking professional plumbing assistance. If you choose to use liquid drain cleaners, follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully and take appropriate safety precautions.

What Are the Benefits of High-Pressure Water Jetting in Fort Lauderdale?

Our ZOOM Jetting® technology uses high-pressure water to power through debris, grease, scale, and even roots, benefits of this high-pressure water jetting include:

  • Thorough cleaning of your pipes
  • Can remove a range of clogs
  • Complete residue and scale removal
  • Prevents new clogs from forming
  • A non-invasive form of drain cleaning
  • Environmentally safe

Trust our Fort Lauderdale drain cleaning technicians for top-quality outcomes that improve the health of your drains and the functionality of your house. If you have a drain problem, please don't hesitate to contact us; we're here to help!

Professional Drain Cleaning Services Near Me

Our Fort Lauderdale drain service professionals are qualified and well-trained to assist you with laundry drains, kitchen and bathroom drains, garbage disposals, basement drains, storm drains, main drains, and much more. You can rely on our drain cleaning experts to clear your drains of junk in order to keep water flowing smoothly and avoid major problems.

We care about providing complete drain cleaning solutions that last as a locally owned and run service in Fort Lauderdale. To diagnose the problem and remove it quickly, easily, and precisely, we employ powerful products and specialized gear such as degreasers, root inhibitors, and cables.

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