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Is your kitchen's grease trap compliant with local regulations? When was the last time you scheduled a professional grease trap cleaning service?

Choosing our experienced Allentown grease trap technicians means you can be sure you’re meeting municipal regulations without dealing with the mess and hassle yourself. We're backed by a great reputation and we guarantee your satisfaction.

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Expert Grease Trap Services for Allentown Businesses

Whether you own a restaurant or manage a hospital cafeteria, Zoom Drain of Lehigh Valley can help you empty and clean your grease trap to keep it fully functional and compliant.

Not only that, our highly trained team has the tools and knowledge to perform grease trap cleaning and maintenance safely and effectively.

All commercial kitchens in the region are required to install and maintain a grease trap acceptable to or approved by the Lehigh County Authority.

Zoom Drain of Lehigh Valley can help ensure your commercial kitchen remains fully compliant. Browse through reviews from our satisfied clients to see why we're Allentown's favorite grease interceptor cleaning service.

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The Importance of Regular Grease Trap Maintenance

While you should never intentionally dispose of grease down the drain, it’s inevitable that some fat, oil, and grease from dirty dishes will end up down a commercial kitchen sink. That’s where a grease trap comes in.

Your grease trap catches these particles before they can get far enough down the drain to coat the pipes and cause dangerous or damaging blockages. Grease traps need to be cleaned out regularly to prevent overflow into the wastewater system, or else you could face steep fines from the Lehigh County Authority.

How Often Should a Grease Trap Be Cleaned?

Most grease traps or grease interceptors need to be cleaned every one to three months, though this can vary.

Restaurants or commercial kitchens that use or produce excessive amounts of grease, oils, or fats will generally require more frequent grease trap cleaning to remain compliant with local ordinances than others. The volume of orders or food prepared can also affect the frequency, as can the size of the grease trap.

Our drain specialists can give you a personalized recommendation for grease trap services and frequency. We can also set up a planned maintenance program for your kitchen for set-it-and-forget-it convenience.

Exclusive Offers for Grease Trap Cleaning in Allentown

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Addressing Common Grease Trap Issues in Lehigh Valley

At Zoom Drain of Lehigh Valley, our comprehensive grease trap services can help you avoid a number of messy, expensive, or downright dangerous situations.

When our team performs a grease interceptor cleaning service, we use advanced professional tools and techniques to ensure buildup is thoroughly removed.

Our Allentown grease trap cleaning services can help you prevent or remedy many common problems, such as:

  • Unpleasant odors – Grease, animal fat, and rancid oil mingle with bits of food and other waste in a grease trap. While it’s far better to keep these things from washing down the drain, they can start to smell bad if not regularly cleaned out.
  • High maintenance costs – The more buildup inside a grease trap, the longer it will take to pump out. Older accumulation also hardens, which means it can be more difficult to remove. The money saved in additional or overtime charges makes more frequent cleaning worthwhile.
  • Emergency repairs – A clog in your grease trap can be caused by hardened accumulation, which is more likely the longer the trap goes without being cleaned. Clogged grease traps can lead to overflow, which in turn leads to fines and penalties from the Lehigh County Authority plus potential drain and sewer clogs or backflow.
  • Damage to the sewer – Acids and other chemicals caught in the grease trap with the fat, oil, and grease can damage the sewer system and cause leaks, especially when left to sit for too long.

Why Choose Zoom Drain of Lehigh Valley?

Drains are our business. Unlike many of our competitors, we specialize in drain and sewer services, such as grease trap cleaning in Allentown and the Lehigh Valley. We know that the drains in your commercial kitchen are vital to the efficient and sanitary function of your business, so you can’t afford for something to go wrong.

We offer Planned Maintenance Programs for restaurants and commercial kitchens, so that you can be proactive about keeping your kitchen drains clean and compliant. Scheduling regular grease trap cleaning with us means you can save time, money, and energy in the long run. Trust our extensively trained professionals to provide you with the highest level of service and workmanship to keep you and your kitchen ready for the next rush.

Contact us online or call (610) 601-2948 today to schedule a commercial grease trap service near you. We're also available for emergencies!

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