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Rochester Common Drain Cleaning Methods We Offer

You don't worry about maintaining your drains all the time. In fact, it's unlikely to come to mind right away until there is a problem. Hair, soap scum, grease, and food particles are just a few of the things your drains have to contend with on a daily basis. Fortunately, the staff at Zoom Drain of Rochester has the expertise, patience, and experience to permanently clear tough blockages.

We provide a range of drain cleaning services for local homes like you in Rochester, using cutting-edge tools and tried-and-true methods to keep your drainage system operating effectively.

Some of the techniques and equipment we utilize include:

  • ZOOM DRAIN Bio™ – With this product, we can naturally dissolve hair, soap residue, grease, food, and organic waste with just one use. We utilize ZOOM DRAIN Bio™ for both residential and commercial customers.
  • PowerSnake – When you have particularly stubborn and thick drain clogs, we like to use PowerSnake. This potent tool uses cables and a small blade at the end to cut through resilient clogs with ease.
  • ZOOM Jetting® – Our Rochester, drain cleaning experts fight through clogs using high-pressure water with ZOOM Jetting. We use a hose similar to our PowerSnake to combat obstructions, but this method can keep clogs from coming back.
  • Citrajet® – As a low-foaming acid cleaner, Citrajet is highly concentrated yet biodegradable, so it’ll remove clogs without harming the environment. After all, our team tries to use non-toxic products that won’t cause ecological issues in the future.
  • RootX® – Drain cleaning becomes much easier and less time-consuming with RootX on our side. We know that roots can find their way into your drains, but this tried-and-true solution is an effective and durable root control method for your pipes.

Your laundry drains, kitchen and bathroom drains, garbage disposals, basement drains, storm drains, main drains, and much more may be fixed by our team of experienced and highly educated Rochester drain service professionals. You may count on our drain cleaning experts to clear your drains of the avalanche of material so that water flows freely and serious problems are avoided.

Being a locally owned and operated company in Rochester, we are committed to providing you, our esteemed client, with effective drain cleaning solutions. We employ strong solutions and cutting-edge equipment, such as cables, root inhibitors, and degreasers, to identify the issue and solve it fast, simply, and precisely.

Do you have a warranty? Check out our Zoom Drain Satisfaction Guarantee.

What are the benefits of high pressure water jetting in Rochester?

Our ZOOM Jetting® technology use high pressure water to power through debris, grease, scale, and even roots. Benefits of this high pressure water jetting include:

  • Thorough cleaning of your pipes
  • Can remove a range of clogs
  • Complete residue and scale removal
  • Prevents new clogs from forming
  • Non-invasive form of drain cleaning
  • Environmentally safe

Trust our Rochester drain cleaning specialists for top-notch outcomes that improve the functionality of your house and the health of your drains. If you have a drain problem, don't be afraid to contact us; we're here to help!

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