Drain Inspection

West Deptford Drain Inspections

Determining Deep Rooted Drain Issues Is Our Specialty

If your drain or sewer lines are blocked or not flowing right, call Zoom Drain of South Jersey. Our specialists arrive at each site equipped with best-in-class tools and years of experience. Whether you need a drain inspection in West Deptford for real estate purposes or in Cherry Hill for routine maintenance, you can rest assured that we will provide a detailed report.

We recommend having a professional perform preventive drain and sewer inspections. Over time, unfixed leaks and clogs can create major complications. Our thorough inspections can detect such problems before irreparable damage occurs. Punctual and professional, we quickly identify and resolve drainage problems.

Periodic drain inspections can also:

  • Save you money long-term – Inspections are relatively inexpensive. Sewer line and pipe issues are not cheap. In addition to high costs, sewer backups are messy, smelly, and dangerous. They can cause flooding or leak toxic sewer gas.
  • Uncover invasive roots –Tree roots pose a severe threat to sewer lines. Seeking water and nutrients, they sneak into openings and expand – creating significant damage. If there are root systems near underground pipes, we recommend getting annual inspections.
  • Reveal natural wear and tear – Older sewer systems erode and collapse over time. Much less durable than modern sewer systems, these systems can crack, leak, and corrode. Let us find issues before it is too late.

Professional Video Inspections

Drain inspections involve maneuvering a miniature and extendable video camera through a drainpipe or sewer pipe. Our high-resolution video cameras can fit inside pipes between 2 and 36 inches in diameter. As our technician inserts the camera further down the drain, it continues to record video footage. Our expert West Deptford drain inspectors will then analyze this footage closely. We have the experience, training, and knowledge necessary to spot problems and recommend solutions.

Following a tried-and-true protocol, we can diagnose defects, eliminate guesswork, determine pipe conditions from video evidence, and follow up with the correct service.

Common drain issues we identify often include:

  • Grease buildup
  • Broken Pipes
  • Leaks
  • Tree root damage
  • Sewer line bellies
  • Obstructions

If you observe an increase in sewer flies and/or a foul sewer odor, let us perform a sewer odor inspection. This inspection entails releasing artificially created smoke through your sewer lines. By documenting where the smoke escapes, we will be able to identify the odor leak locations.

For more information about our drain inspection services in West Deptford or throughout South Jersey, call (856) 263-4764 or reach out to us online today!

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