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Sump Pump Replacement in Kansas City

Sewer Pump Installation & Repair from Dedicated Specialists

You may eventually need to replace your unit if any form of pump system is used in the sewage line to maintain wastewater flow. Sump pumps with proper maintenance can last for 8 to 10 years, with warranties covering about half of that time. A badly used or damaged pump, however, might only last five years.

Our Kansas City drain and sewer professionals can rapidly remove the old unit and install a new one if your pumps are nearing the end of their useful lives and need to be replaced. Trust our specialists for sump pump replacement or installation because they are aware of the critical function these pumps play in preventing floods and water damage in basements, rooms, and homes.

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Signs of a Failing Sump Pump

If you are unsure of whether your sump pump is still a reliable line of defense against flooding, there are a few signs to look out for. No one wants their sump pump to fail during a crisis. Watch out for these common signs that your sump pump is nearing the end of its useful life.

  • Loud Noises: If the motor is beginning to whine loudly, this is likely a sign that it will not last much longer.
  • Vibrations: If the unit has a damaged impeller, it will rattle and make loud noises as the fan blades attempt to empty the water out of the basin.
  • Clogs & Frozen Lines: Clogged discharge lines can inflict severe damage quickly by overworking the motor and potentially burning it out.
  • Running Sporadically: Something may be wrong with the wiring in your unit if it is turning on and off without clear reasons. This can also indicate that your unit is too weak in terms of horsepower to empty the basin.
  • Unit Is 7 Years or Older: Older sump pumps will work harder to empty the basin until they run non-stop and the motor burns out.

Call the Zoom Drain of Kansas City team if you notice any of these signs. We can perform a thorough inspection to diagnose any issues and, if necessary, provide reliable, effective sump pump replacement in Kansas City.

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Other Pump Replacements

We offer replacement services for virtually every pump that connects to your sewer system at Zoom Drain of Kansas City. Pumps for drains, sewage ejectors, and sewage grinders are included.

Drain Pump Replacement

Drain pumps have a wide variety of applications in the home. If you need a drain pump installed or replaced in any of your appliances, our team can make it happen.

We can help you with drain pump replacement for any of the following plumbing systems:

  • Laundry Trays
  • Wet Bars
  • Lavatories
  • Dishwashers
  • Garbage Disposals
  • Bathtubs
  • Washing Machines

Sewer Ejector Pump Replacement

In order to carry waste through your pipes under gravity, sewer pumps are typically installed. Our staff can provide you with guidance on the appropriate time for a replacement if you are concerned that your sewage ejector pumps are no longer working.

When the wrong pump is fitted, ejector pumps can malfunction. To ensure that the pump you choose continues for its expected lifespan, our experts can assist you. We set up sewage pumping systems for basements and low-lying buildings.

Sewage Grinder Pump Replacement

Waste is eliminated by sewage grinder pumps by grinding up wastewater when it is pumped into the public sewer. Although they can be installed indoors as well, grinder pumps are frequently installed outdoors. The units typically operate in 1- to 3-minute intervals. Your pump may need to be repaired if it is running longer than usual.

Providing Pump Replacement Services in Kansas City

Our experts can assist you in the process if you have any inquiries about sewer pump installation or sump pump replacement. Our team is knowledgeable about sewer pump problems and only handles drainage and sewage-related difficulties.

Contact (816) 693-2700 for sump pump and sewer pump replacement in Kansas City. Or Book our services online!

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