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Drain and sewer issues are an unavoidable part of owning a home or business. You rely so much on your plumbing, it’s no wonder that every now and then a repair may be required.

If you are experiencing issues with your drains or sewers, Zoom Drain of Lake Norman is the one to call. We have specialized experience with drains and sewers and are prepared to assist you with problems of all kinds. With same-day and next-day availability, we'll get your drains and sewers cleaned in no time flat.

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Trust the Zoom Drain Difference for Drain & Sewer Cleaning Near You

At Zoom Drain of Lake Norman, we specialize in sewer and drain services – and only sewer and drain services. This specialized focus puts us a step above other plumbing companies. Our technicians are masters in their field and are continually trained on new technologies and tools.

Our sewer cleaning company also offers:

  • Same-day and next-day service
  • Industry-leading warranties
  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • Super service trucks equipped with a wide range of specialized tools
  • Honest, open communication with our customers
  • Flat-rate pricing with no hidden fees
  • Planned maintenance programs

Zoom Drain of Lake Norman is dedicated to your absolute satisfaction and looks forward to being there for all your drain and sewer problems today and long into the future.

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Our Concord Drain Cleaning and Sewer Services

Whether your drains are seemingly clogged or you suspect a problem with your sewer system, we’ll arrive equipped with everything we need to get your property’s plumbing system flowing again as quickly as possible.

Our Concord sewer and drain experts offer the following residential and commercial services:

Plumbing problems can be stressful. For homeowners, they can cause a major disruption to your routine. For business owners, they can cause unwanted and costly downtime.

Our local company is backed by a national brand and our technicians are fully experienced with residential and commercial plumbing systems and are masters of drains and sewers.

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Concord Drain Repairs

One of the most common plumbing problems home and business owners deal with is clogged drains. Whether in your bathroom, kitchen, or basement, these drains are responsible for flushing large quantities of water.

Over time, they can get clogged as a result of dirt, grime, hair, and other particles building up. Eventually, they’ll stop flowing altogether. Zoom Drain of Lake Norman offers advanced drain cleaning methods to break through the toughest clogs and get your pipes flowing again.

Some of our drain cleaning techniques include:

  • ZOOM Jetting® - For everyday clogs, we use our trademark system, which breaks through clogged drains using powerful water pressure.
  • PowerSnake – For tougher clogs, we use this method, which rotates a cable with a blade through your pipes to quickly loosen up build-up.
  • ZOOM Drain Bio™ and CitraJet™ - These products are meant for routine cleaning of recently cleaned sewer lines. They will help naturally break down any build-up caused by food, dirt, hair, grease, and other particles.

Detecting Sewer Problems

Unlike clogged drains, problems with your sewers are quite a bit harder to detect. For many home and business owners, it’s not until they experience plumbing issues that they become aware of a problem with their sewer system.

That’s why it is critical to schedule routine sewer line cleaning, which we recommend doing every 12 – 24 months. Not doing so can result in major disruptions to your home or business and extensive, costly repairs.

Some signs that your sewer system requires attention include:

  • Soggy areas in your yard
  • The appearance of pests or rodents on your property
  • Strong, foul odors in the vicinity of your sewer lines
  • A sudden rise in your water bills

Notice one or more of these signs? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our Concord sewer repair technicians. We want to help solve these issues before they are allowed to grow into bigger problems.

What Are the Benefits of Routine Sewer Cleaning?

Routine sewer cleaning provides many benefits. At the forefront, routine sewer cleaning helps keep your home free from critical plumbing issues and can significantly reduce the likelihood of costly repairs in the future.

Some other benefits of regular sewer cleaning include:

  • Clear Clogs and Blockages. Sewer line cleanings help clear away accumulations of debris which can lead to clogs and blockages. This allows waste water to flow freely through the pipes and drains and keeping your sewer line functional.
  • Prevents Sewer Odors from Permeating Your Home. Not only does regular cleaning improve the functionality, but it also prevents unpleasant odors from developing due to bacteria buildup in sewer lines, as well as reducing pests that may try to enter the home due to leaking waste.
  • Extend the Lifespan of Your Sewer Line. Properly maintaining your sewer line can extend its life span and potentially save you huge amounts of money that could go towards more necessary improvements or upgrades around your home.

Investing in regular sewer cleaning services is an important step in protecting both your home and wallet against future damages. During your sewer cleaning service, we'll be happy to share some tips and suggestions for how you can help protect your sewer line.

Searching for quick sewer cleaning in Concord, NC? Give our professionals a call at (704) 741-1807 or schedule your appointment online. We look forward to serving you!

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