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Is your drainage system suffering from chronic clogs or frequent leaks? This might require more than a routine drain cleaning – it could mean your line needs to be repaired. From a minor leak to a major crack, we can fix the problem by repairing or simply replacing your entire pipe. We have all the tools to restore your lines swiftly – and even without any excessive excavation – because resolving a significant underground drain problem shouldn’t give you more headaches.

Our Sewer Line Install And Repair Services:

  • Can be done with minimum excavation, saving your property from re-landscaping.
  • Are able to be completed under concrete slab floors and foundations.
  • Can add value to your property, thanks to a 50-year-plus design life on our epoxy repair or a 100-year lifespan of our corrosion-proof polyethylene replacement pipe.
  • Are fully-licensed and insured, with over two decades worth of experience.

Quality Drain Repair Professionals in Sacramento

When it comes to trenchless drain repair and installation, it‘s all about the condition of your current drain lines. In most cases, our professionals are able to perform trenchless pipe realigning, installing a new sewer liner directly inside of the old damaged one.

  • This liner eliminates joints to increase flow and is designed to last well over 50 years, adding value to your property.
  • The epoxy material molds to the host pipe, stops leaks and root intrusion and can go under concrete slab floors and foundations – it even conforms to non-standard pipe shapes and sizes, from 1.5 to 8 inches.

If there’s no salvaging your current pipe, then our experts will perform a method known as pipe bursting, digging small entry and exit holes at the beginning and end of the damaged pipe. Next, we pull a steel cable through the existing pipe and attach a splitting wedge to the steel cable at the entry hole and attach a hydraulic puller to the exit hole, letting the power supply pull the new pipe through the damaged pipe underground, which breaks up your old pipe while simultaneously installing a new polyethylene pipe in its place. That new pipe has a 100-year lifespan and is corrosion-proof with a zero leak rate.

Ready to get to the bottom of your drain problem? Give us a call at (916) 545-8820 or schedule your service online. Our Sacramento drain repair professionals offer same-day and next-day service!

Professional Drain Support

Less digging ultimately means less cost to get your property re-landscaped afterwards and less environmental impact, like digging up plants and trees. And with a wealth of experience installing and repairing drain and sewer lines, our highly-trained experts are fully-licensed and insured, so you can be confident they’ll always be safe, efficient and comprehensive.

When it comes to repairing your sewer lines, some projects require traditional excavation, though with today’s ever-changing technology it’s done less and less. Before a single shovel enters your property, Zoom Drain of Northern California will come out and determine if trenchless repair is the best action for ensuring your wastewater is flowing and not pooling around your home.

If you’d like additional information about our pipe repair and installation services or to schedule an estimate, give us a call at (916) 545-8820 or schedule an appointment online.

We specialize in drains and sewers – it’s all we do. It’s what we’re passionate about, along with providing great customer service. Here’s what other residents had to say about Zoom Drain:

  • “Zoom Drain was very responsive when it came to my problem and they arrived when they said they would. Their expert thoroughly explained the different investigations and treatments, as well as the costs. After agreeing to the best course of action, the work was done to my overwhelming satisfaction and relief. I’d definitely use them again – and recommend them!”

– Alex M., Five-Star Google Review

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