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High-Resolution Drain & Sewer Video Inspections

Getting a sewer line inspection is the fastest way to find out the nature of your problem and what the best solution is, whether that's cleaning, repairing, or replacing your drain lines.

The overall process of inspecting your Seattle sewer and drain system is relatively simple and timely:

  • Determining whether your property has a cleanout
  • Locating the cleanout hole
  • Inserting the flexible rod and camera into the pipes
  • Observing the live feed to determine where the problem is occurring
  • Using the video feed to determine the overall health of the pipes
  • Using the video feed to locate roots, clogs, cracks, or breaks in the pipes

Our sewer professionals at Zoom Drain of Seattle are committed to providing superior service for both residential and commercial clients in the Seattle area. If you are encountering problems with your drains, our team of experts can arrive quickly, diagnose your problem, and provide an effective, long-lasting solution.

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Sewer Pipe Inspection FAQ

Why Are Sewer Line Inspections Helpful?

Using a sewer camera to inspect pipes is helpful for a variety of reasons. It can show the state of your pipes. It can help determine the best solution if there is a problem. Sewer video cameras can locate problems in your pipes even if your pipes are windy, under concrete, or beneath your foundation.

What Are Common Reasons to Get a Sewer Line Inspection?

Whether you are faced with a plumbing emergency, or you just haven't had your system inspected in a while, there are several common reasons to get your pipes inspected.

Common reasons for sewer pipe inspections in Seattle include:

  • Clogs: Clogs are happening frequently
  • Back ups: The toilet or drains are backing up
  • Smells: Strange odors are coming up from the drains
  • Insects: Bugs or flies show up near your drains
  • Pooling water: Water is pooling in your yard or property
  • Water Pressure: You have water pressure problems
  • Flooding: Your home is flooding
  • Yearly Schedule: It has been over a year since you had your pipes inspected

How Often Should I Have My Sewer Inspected?

If you have never inspected your sewer, it can be a good idea if you are not sure about the health of your pipes. Getting an inspection once a year after your first inspection would be more than often enough.

Should I Inspect a Sewer System Before Buying a New Home?

Getting a sewer inspection before buying is something that can reveal the state of the pipes and whether tree roots are present. This makes a sewer inspection for home purchase a smart move.

Will a Sewer Inspection Reveal If My Pipes Are Sagging?

Yes! A sewer camera inspection is one way to identify if your pipes are bellying or sagging.

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