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When’s the last time you had your wastewater line inspected by a professional? If you don’t know the answer, there could be trouble brewing right underneath your sink, toilet or bathtub. Maybe you’re already dealing with a sluggish sink or maybe you’re noticing that your toilet is struggling to get everything to flush. These are signs something could be wrong with your sewer line. If not, there’s still a good chance there’s significant buildup along the wall of your pipe, leaving less room for waste and more room for a clog – the kind that will leave you with a mess.

At Zoom Drain of Charlotte, all we fix are drains and sewers and we pride ourselves on delivering the best solutions and the kind of satisfaction you always expect in the Matthews and surrounding Charlotte Metro. It doesn’t matter if it’s an emergency or not, we’ll be out there swiftly to assess your drains, for free, and plan the best method to get your lines flowing again. Whether it’s our high-pressured water jet to leave your pipe’s walls clean or our flexible powersnake to cut away the toughest clogs, we can handle it on the spot, thanks to our fully-stocked trucks. And, with in-house professional training and background checks, you don’t have to worry about our trusted experts entering your home or business.

Are you noticing the signs of a clogged drain – or is it just time for an inspection? Give us a call at (980) 321-0660 or schedule an appointment in Matthews today.

How Can I Avoid Future Issues?

After providing drain cleaning service, we’re frequently asked how to stop a clog or buildup from occurring again. One thing we suggest is ZoomBio, an eco-friendly solution that you can pour down your drain monthly to keep everything flowing. But there are other avoidable ways in your day-to-day routine – besides signing up for our worry-free preventative maintenance plans.

  • Avoid dumping foreign matter: Keep close attention on what is getting washed down the drain. In the bathroom, never flush baby wipes, even if the package says “flushable” and the same goes for hygiene products and medication. In the kitchen, always avoid egg shells, coffee grounds and cooking grease – even if you have a garbage disposal.
  • Remember to run hot water: Once a week, run hot water through all of your household drains. It’ll help to break down grease, oils and other buildup, for longer lasting drains.
  • Drain traps make a big difference: Putting a mesh screen or a trap over your drains will help to catch hair and other debris, so it doesn’t find its way into your pipes. The more these traps collect, the less clogs you’ll have to worry about in the distant future.
  • Stay in touch with your neighbors: houses in Matthews, NC were typically built at the same time, and so are their drainage systems! A sewer from your house to the street can be made up of a few different types of materials. It’s important to know if your neighbors have been experiencing some bad back-ups so you can be on the lookout for warning signs in your fixtures, as well.

If you have unavoidable issues, call us at (980) 321-0660 or schedule an appointment online today. Zoom Drain – Proudly serving the Matthews neighborhoods and Charlotte Metro area.

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