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Our Water Jetter Will Blast Away Anything Hiding In Your Line!

Have you been experiencing sluggish drains and sewer lines recently, accompanied by gurgling noises and unpleasant odors? If so, there could soon be trouble with your wastewater lines. Warning signs like these indicate that there could be a massive clog slowing up your line, so why not deal with it now before it becomes a stressful backup? At Zoom Drain of Cincinnati, we have all of the equipment to keep your pipes flowing their best – like our Zoom Jetting service.

Our Zoom Jetting service features a customized high-pressure water jetter, built right into every service truck, with the capabilities to blast as much as 4,000 PSI of water into your wastewater lines. And with a maneuverable hose that can reach 350 feet, we’ll get into the hardest to reach areas. Our water jetter also features replaceable nozzles, for varying types of buildup and clogs, including one that spins, while spraying, to add an extra level of power for cutting debris. Our Zoom Jetting service is essentially a power washer for your pipes – all without damaging them.

Get your drains and sewers sparkling clean, to ensure no future emergencies. Call Zoom Drain of Cincinnati at (513) 586-3312 or schedule an appointment online today.

Continue To Keep Your Lines Flowing Their Best With These Tips!

After we’ve shown up fast and cleared your wastewater lines of any buildup and blockages, customers will sometimes ask how they can keep from seeing us again, at least until their next recommended service. When it comes to your drain and sewer lines, there’s no way to keep your pipes clean forever, but staying proactive will definitely help keep things flowing longer. Here are techniques our experts recommend to Milford residents and businesses after servicing their lines, in the hopes they will see us less often and avoid any major problems in the future:

  • Be Vigilant: Try to pay close attention to what is going down the drain, while avoiding flushing anything other than toilet paper – no matter what the label might say. That same rule applies to dumping things like medication, cooking grease and food down drains.
  • Occasionally Run Hot Water: Once a week, try to run your sink’s hot water – doing so can actually help break down grease, oils and other buildup. It’s by no means a cure-all.
  • Insert Drain Traps: Want to limit the amount of hair and grime that goes down? Mesh traps will actually catch a lot. In fact, you’ll probably be surprised at everything it catches.

And if you begin to notice a slow-draining sink or drain, don’t pour acid-based, liquid drain cleaners down there! If they don’t clear the clog, they’ll sit inside of your line and begin to eat away at your pipe. Instead, try using a plunger – or simply contact the professionals for help.

Whether you have a clog or want to see your pipe’s status, we have the tools to handle it. Call Zoom Drain of Cincinnati at (513) 586-3312 or schedule an appointment online.

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