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Are you in need of drain and sewer services, but you’re not sure where to turn? Our team at Zoom Drain of Seattle has the tools and know-how to do the job right the first time. We tackle any service job, from a slow-moving drain to complete pump replacement. Our technicians are specialized in all drainage issues because we have made a point to focus solely on sewer and drain services. This enables us to be your full-service drainage system provider from beginning to end.

Because we are leaders who are exclusively focused on drainage system services, we’ve seen it all and know how to fix it all. We can adequately detect and diagnose issues and deliver efficient sewer and drain services for every customer. We want to serve Renton residences and businesses with timely and personalized service that keeps your day moving forward.

Experience You Can Count On

No one ever expects to be hit with a clogged drain or unpleasant odor emitting from their drainage system. Usually, the typical culprits in drain and sewer issues include excessive residential and commercial usage and build-up of hair, grease, food particles, and other pollutants that get lodged in your pipes. While these issues are common and sometimes unavoidable, you don’t have to tackle them alone. Zoom Drain of Seattle experts are ready to tailor services to help you with upkeep, repair, and everything in between.

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Drain Cleaning Methods You Can Rely On

There’s no question drain issues are inconvenient and can disrupt daily activities in your home or halt business operations altogether. To avoid any interruptions, let the Zoom Drain of Seattle specialists handle all of your drain or sewer issues when they occur.

Our residential and commercial sewer and drain services include:

Our team at Zoom Drain of Seattle shows up to your desired location with tools that can solve any problem. We employ the use of:

  • Five types of drain snakes: We use variousflexible steel cables designed with a blade to move through your drain and clear away any obstructions.
  • Video pipe inspection tools: If we’re unable to see your drain issue with the naked eye, our experts use a miniature video camera that travels through your drains or sewer pipe to assess its condition.
  • High-pressure ZOOM Jetting®: One of the customized tools we utilize is a high-pressure water jet tool that blasts away contaminants and is gentle enough to avoid causing any pipe damage.
  • Drain treatments: We’re always mindful of the environment, which is why we use eco-friendly herbicides and bacteria-based drain cleaners to minimize and avoid clogs.

Our Zoom Drain of Seattle team is thoroughly trained and ready to provide fast and reliable sewer and drain services for residences and businesses. Let our specialized team help you prevent recurring drainage system issues or maintain your functioning system with a cleaning.

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Prevent Drain Issues and Keep Drain Pipes Clean

Zoom Drain is more than a provider of drain and sewer services. We also like to think of ourselves as drainage system educators, imparting our knowledge to help customers understand how to prevent or solve issues. Before you make any costly decisions, try the following techniques first.

  • Avoid the disposal of foreign material: It’s never a good idea to dispose of drain-clogging products such as cooking grease, eggshells, non-flushable wipes, hygiene products, and other items down your drainage system. These materials can be detrimental to your pipes’ long-term operation and include costly repairs or replacement.
  • Utilize a drain screen: A drain screen is an innovative yet simple device that catches unwanted items before they clog your system. These handy screens can be found at your local store and help extend the life of your pipes.
  • Regularly flush drains: You may not realize it, but the water that goes down your drain doesn’t always clear away debris, which causes clogs. A simple way to prevent drain and sewer obstructions is to regularly flush five gallons of warm water down your drain.

We understand that not all drain and sewer issues require a professional. However, we hope that if you suspect a problem, you’ll let our Zoom Drain of Seattle team serve you.

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