When your drains run slowly or toilets frequently overflow, you have a problem that no amount of chemical drain cleaner can solve. That’s why you should turn to the team that has drain in its name – Zoom Drain! We solve drain problems with speed and precision for homeowners and business owners throughout Patchogue and neighboring communities.

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Sewer & Drain Services in Patchogue, NY

Patchogue Drain Cleaning, Repairs and Inspections

At Zoom Drain, we take a methodical approach to fixing drains. Before we attempt a repair, we detect the cause of the problem because different problems require different solutions. That’s why we’re equipped with advanced technology to provide an accurate diagnosis. Our video pipe inspects look deep within the drain, revealing its condition and pinpointing the location of obstructions like tree roots and grease buildup. This eliminates the guesswork so that we can apply an effective fix!

  • Our drain services include:
    • Drain repairs
    • Drain cleaning
    • Drain inspection
    • Cesspool services
    • Drain care products

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Why You Need an Expert to Fix Your Drains

Can you fix the drain problem yourself? It really depends on what is causing the problem. There are many homespun remedies to remove a clump of hair from the bathtub drain or freshen up a funky kitchen sink drain. But serious issue require serious solutions. Take tree roots, as an example. Trees seek water and nutrients and your mainline (that’s the line that connects your home to the city’s sewer line) provides plenty of both. When those tiny tendrils worm their way into your drain, they’ll grow and grow, forming a big obstruction. The results aren’t pretty. Ever heard of a sewage backup?

Tree roots, grease and sludge don’t stand a chance against our ZOOM Jetting® system, which blasts away the toughest clogs with high pressure water. Not only do we fix the issue but we can keep your drains functioning with our after-care products such as ZOOM DRAIN Bio™ which keeps buildup at bay.

Our Patchogue drain cleaning specialists are eager to put your drain problems behind you! Schedule your appointment today by calling (631) 801-4100.

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