Cesspool Services

Zoom PumpingTM for Cesspool

The solution for cesspool backups and maintenance

Backed up drains on your property might not just be a blockage in your drainage system, but could be a result from a full cesspool. The importance of keeping your cesspool maintained can save you from thousands of dollars' worth of repairs from water damage and overflowing fixtures - not to mention the smell! With Zoom Pumping, we’re your all-in-one provider for drain cleaning and cesspool pumping. We take care of both!

How does Zoom PumpingTM for cesspool work?

Our trucks can remove up to 2,000 gallons of septage and can vacuum from up to 300 feet away for those hard to reach cesspools! They come equipped with water jets for after pumping, leaving the inside spotless and clear of debris, thanks to the efficient and high quality service you’ve come to expect from Zoom Drain. We also clean the inlets and outlets of the cesspool, going one step further to ensure easy flow throughout your system. To finish, we supply enzyme additives to keep your cesspool operating properly in between cleanings.

When it comes to emptying your cesspool, don’t leave it to just anyone. You deserve the experts. We guarantee that we’re only sending you our best by thoroughly screening and background checking all of our technicians. We also provide the right solutions with years of experience from our in-house training center.

ZOOM DRAIN® has the tools and expertise to handle all of your drain and sewer needs. Contact us at (516) 344-8632 to schedule your next service.

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  • "They always go the extra mile and always make sure that your kitchen is clean before leaving."

    - Suzanne C.

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    - Mary B.

  • "I’ve been a customer of Zoom Drain several times and they are total professionals."

    - Roger W.

  • "I will happily use them again."

    - C W.

  • "Our technician provided expert and courteous service and was informative and efficient"

    - Matt S.

  • "It was refreshing to deal with a Zoom Drain that focuses on quality service with a smile."

    - Bri M.

  • "Highly recommend"

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