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What is a Cesspool?

A cesspool, also known as a cesspit is a basic underground wastewater storage system commonly found in older properties or areas where there is no access to a municipal sewer system. It consists of a large tank made of concrete or plastic that is buried underground and serves as a temporary storage facility for sewage and wastewater. The primary function of a cesspool is to collect and hold the wastewater generated from toilets, sinks, showers, and other plumbing fixtures on the property.

A cesspool does not have an outlet for the effluent to drain into a leach field or drainage area. As a result, the effluent remains in the cesspool until it is manually pumped out and disposed of by a professional cesspool service like Zoom Drain of Long Island.

The Solution for Cesspool Backups and Maintenance

Backed up drains on your property might not be a blockage in just your drainage system, but could result from a full cesspool. Keeping your cesspool maintained can save you thousands of dollars worth of repairs from water damage, overflowing fixtures, and the terrible smell.

At Zoom Drain of Long Island, we offer Zoom pumping and cesspool services for residential and commercial customers in the area. We’re your all-in-one provider for drain cleaning and cesspool pumping. We take care of both, so you don’t have to.

The benefits of cleaning your cesspool include:

  • Preventing drain clogs and wastewater buildup
  • Avoiding serious health hazards from leaks
  • Improving landscape appearance and health
  • Maintaining free-flowing water through pipes
  • Increasing the lifespan of your cesspool

While you might not be able to see your cesspool at work, you’ll know when there’s an issue. We don’t recommend attempting to pump a cesspool yourself, as store-bought products can damage or further clog your system and cause even more problems.

Trust the true experts in cesspool services to keep your property from becoming a potential biohazard site. Our solutions are ideal for single-family homes, apartments, condominiums, and more. We aim to leave you completely satisfied with our workmanship and competitive prices, so you know who to call the next time you need support for your cesspool.

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What’s the Difference Between a Cesspool and Septic Tank?

You’re probably more familiar with a septic system, as most modern homes have one that flushes wastewater away from your home to a leach field to be filtered. Typically, a septic tank is a water-tight container made of fiberglass, polyethylene, or concrete and buried underground. Sanitary waste usually settles at the bottom of the tank, whereas grease and oils float to the top.

Similarly, a cesspool is a buried pit consisting of concrete or stone. One of the main differences with a cesspool is that wastewater doesn’t go through a filtration process and can contaminate the surrounding soil if it isn’t pumped every 2-5 years.

Our Long Island technicians are highly trained local pros keeping your cesspool pumped regularly to avoid sewage backups, costly repairs, and health hazards. You can count on our qualified experts to assess your cesspool, keep you updated on the issues, and address them immediately to protect you and your loved ones.

Signs Your Cesspool Needs Service

Signs that a cesspool may need service should not be ignored, as they indicate potential issues with the system.

  • Slow drainage is often one of the earliest signs, where sinks, toilets, or showers take longer to empty. This could be an indication that the cesspool is nearing its capacity and needs to be pumped.
  • Backups in plumbing fixtures, such as toilets or drains, are another clear sign that your cesspool requires attention. If multiple fixtures in your home are experiencing backups simultaneously, it could suggest a problem with the cesspool, such as a blockage or a full tank.
  • Foul odors radiating from drains or the yard can also be an indicator that your cesspool needs service. These odors are typically caused by the buildup of sewage gases, which should be properly contained within the system. If you notice persistent and unpleasant smells, it's crucial to have a professional inspect and address the issue promptly.
  • Wet patches in the yard, especially in the area where the cesspool is located, may suggest a leak or failure in the system. If you notice soggy or unusually damp areas around the cesspool, it's important to have it checked as it could indicate a problem with the tank or drainage field.

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How Does Zoom Pumping™ for Cesspools Work?

Our trucks can remove up to 2,000 gallons of septage and can vacuum from up to 300 feet away for those hard-to-reach cesspools. Water jets are utilized after pumping, leaving the inside spotless and clear of debris. We also clean the inlets and outlets of the cesspool, going one step further to ensure easy flow throughout your system. To finish, we supply enzyme additives to keep your cesspool operating properly in between cleanings.

When it comes to emptying your cesspool, don’t leave it to just anyone. You deserve the experts. We guarantee you’ll only have the best technicians working with you because we thoroughly screen and background check everyone on our team. Thanks to our in-house training center, we also provide the right solutions to support your property.

Trust Zoom Drain of Long Island for cesspool pumping near you. Contact us at (631) 801-4100 to schedule your next service.

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