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All of the drains in your home play an important role: flushing away wastewater, standing water, and any excess water that might runoff from your sprinklers. If one of them clogs or breaks, not only will it be a headache, it might cause a foul odor to permeate throughout your house, too.

Call on Zoom Drain of Long Island and let one of our ZOOM DRAIN® System Engineers help solve the problem through one of our cost-effective sewer line replacement and repair methods.

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Repairing Broken Sewer Pipes

Commonly, drains become damaged or unusable because of a bad clog. Grease, grime, dirt, hair, and so forth that flows down the drain can stick to the inside as it washes away. As time goes on, more debris and waste clings to the clog, growing it further and further until it causes a complete stoppage or pipe break.

If your drain is experiencing a significant clog, we can help you get it cleared by using snake cameras, rooting technologies, and more. Our company vehicles are fully stocked with advanced plumbing equipment, so we’re always ready to take on any job, no matter how difficult. Even if we have to excavate to repair and replace your drain, we can often complete the project in just one day!

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Using Trenchless Technologies for Quick Repairs

The days of excavating entire yards to complete drain repair jobs are over thanks to trenchless drain repair technologies and methods. We even have our own trademarked method, the ZOOM PowerPipe™. By targeting a relatively small piece of your yard where the drain pipe ends, we can complete a total repair without minimal excavation, leaving your driveway, garden, porch, and more undisturbed whenever possible.

The two trenchless drain repair services we recommend most often are:

  • ZOOM PowerPipe™: Using an advanced and mobile auger machine, we can feed a steel cable through the existing drain pipe that needs to be replaced, shattering it as it goes. The auger’s head pushes the broken pieces into the soil around it, placing them firmly out of the way. Once completed, the auger is refitted with a specialized head that pulls new, corrosion-proof polyethylene pipe through where the old one existed. All our technicians have to do at that point is connect the ends of the new pipe as needed – boom and ZOOM!
  • ZOOM Pipe Relining: Sometimes replacing the damaged pipe is not the most cost-effective method to complete a drain repair job. Our team from Zoom Drain of Long Island is not out to sell you the most expensive option, though. When it makes sense to reline the pipework – which is usually more cost-effective for small damage – we will let you know. Using our specialized equipment, we can apply an epoxy liner and inflatable sleeve to effectively patch up any damaged drain with minimal disruption to your property and the rest of the plumbing system.

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Importance of Sewer Backflow Systems

While we are on the topic of conducting necessary repairs throughout your home’s drainage systems, it is useful to think about the condition of your sewer backflow system. When it works correctly, a sewer backflow valve will prevent wastewater from flowing back into your plumbing system. When a sewer backflow system is damaged, though, it will not stop or may actually cause backflow, potentially contaminating your property’s potable water. This is especially likely during a rainstorm that floods the municipal sewer system with excess rainwater.

Exposure to contaminated backflow water could cause severe illness as well as damage to your plumbing fixtures. The moment you suspect your sewer backflow prevention system is damaged is the moment you should pick up the phone and call (516) 344-8632. Our Long Island drain repair experts at Zoom Drain of Long Island would be happy to come out to your property and make an inspection to see what has broken and how it should be fixed. Or, if you need a backflow valve but don’t have one, we can complete an installation to protect you and your family from the hazards of water contamination.

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