Drain Cleaning

Commercial Drain Cleaning in Irvine

Clogged Drains Won't Throw a Wrench in Your Business Operations

If your business or commercial property has a clogged drain, whether it's draining slowly or not draining at all, Zoom Drain of Orange County has a solution. We are known for our rapid response time and great work for all jobs related to drain cleaning. As a locally owned business, we understand just how important it is to keep your store, restaurant, office, showroom, or other commercial property fully functional for your employees and customers. Call (949) 619-6769 and we can be there in a hurry to get your drain cleared and cleaned. ZOOM is in our name, after all.

Call us for commercial drain cleaning in Irvine! Here are just some of the drains we clean:

  • Grease traps and interceptors
  • Garbage disposals
  • Commercial kitchen drains
  • Bathroom drains
  • Floor drains
  • Laundry drains
  • Main drains
  • Sinks and toilets
  • Storm drains
  • Landscape drains

Contact Zoom Drain of Orange County at any time to schedule a drain cleaning in Irvine and beyond.

The Power of the PowerSnake

Technology meets technique when our technicians use the ZOOM PowerSnake! This awesomely flexible and impressively strong cable is capable of being maneuvered down drains to find the source of a clog. Equipped with a small blade at the end, the PowerSnake can dig through and break apart clogs once we find them.

Due to the PowerSnake’s effectiveness and versatility, our pros use it in the majority of drain cleaning jobs. We love it because it makes our job easier, and you’ll love it because it is a fast, effective service we offer at an affordable cost. Before you know it, your drain will be flowing freely and you'll be back to business as usual. Take a look at reviews from our customers to read just how effective our methods really are!

A Zoom Drain technician holds a plumbing snake down a floor drain in a commercial kitchen

ZOOM Jetting® the Clog Away

There are times when a clog is too thick or resilient for even the PowerSnake to break apart. At that point, we break out the crowd favorite: the ZOOM Jetting® system. Using a high-pressure hose that we maneuver down your drain like the PowerSnake, we can hit clogs and blockages right at their source.

When the ZOOM Jetting® system is done, the inside of your drain can be so clean, you might swear we installed a new one! Additionally, the ZOOM Jetting® system is so strong and thorough, it helps prevent future clogs from forming by leaving nothing left on the pipe’s inside walls.

Finishing the Job with Aftercare Products

Hitting a clog with our ZOOM Jetting® system or the PowerSnake is great. But following up with drain aftercare products is fantastic. We can use degreasers, root inhibitors, antibacterial agents, and more to finalize your drain cleaning service. The products we use – such as ZOOM DRAIN Bio™, Citra-Jet, and RootX® - help further ensure no future clog forms. We really are the total solution for commercial drain cleaning in Irvine and Orange County.

When you need drain cleaning for your business or commercial property, Call (949) 619-6769 and schedule a service today.

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