Landscape Drains

Landscape Drain Cleaning in Orange County

Common Yard Drainage Solutions

Landscape drains are a common solution to diverting water away from your home when the soil won’t properly absorb excess moisture. When you still have flooding or pooling, our drain specialists can help with unclogging landscape drains, flushing out landscape drains, replacing the drain, and more.

Common landscape drain solutions include:

  • French drains – This trench-style drain includes a perforated pipe usually covered by rocks or gravel, which catches water and diverts it away from your yard.
  • Sump pumps – Most common in homes with basements or crawl spaces, this system pumps water out of the house and away from structures.
  • Surface drainage systems – Using ditches, pipes, and gravity, this system simply helps direct the water away from areas where it tends to pool.
  • Channel drains – An aesthetically pleasing option, channel drains sit discreetly in a trench and utilize a grate on top to collect water and move it out of the yard.

To avoid flooding in your Orange County yard, installing or replacing a landscape drain can make a world of difference. Though we may not experience frequent rainfall throughout the year, when it does rain it can overwhelm the soil and leave you with a muddy mess or, worse, a flooded home.

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Sources of Landscape Drain Clogs

Just like a kitchen sink drain or a bathtub, landscape drains clog. Our team at Zoom Drain of Orange County specializes in unclogging landscape drains, as well as flushing them out to keep them flowing freely. Because these drains are outdoors and exposed to the elements, the source of clogs can be different than a typical indoor drain.

When we unclog landscape drains, the most common cause is natural debris, such as:

  • Leaves
  • Mulch
  • Silt
  • Dirt
  • Tree roots

If you’re having issues with your landscape drain or discover your outdoor drain clogged with mud, our Orange County drain specialists will inspect it to determine the source of the problem, then decide on the best method for unclogging the drainage pipes. Depending on the source, we may use our PowerSnake, which is a flexible steel cable with a blade on the end designed for cutting through clogs, or ZOOM Jetting®, our powerful water jetting system that blasts through tough clogs without damaging pipes. We may also recommend RootX®, our aquatic herbicide that discourages tree root problems in your pipes. Before we get started, we’ll be sure to let you know our findings and our recommendations for solving the issue.

Inspecting Landscape Drains for Damage

If you have a landscape drain that’s clog-free but you’re still dealing with pooling or standing water in your yard, the problem may actually be a damaged drain. Zoom Drain of Orange County uses advanced video inspection equipment to accurately diagnose and locate any damage within the drain system. We can spot cracks or holes, bellied or sagging areas, or channeling and provide you with effective solutions.

Experienced Outdoor Drain Cleaning Near Me

Are you experiencing problems with standing water in your yard? When new homes or buildings are built, the land is typically graded to encourage water to move away from the structure, but several factors may prevent the water from draining properly.It may be an issue with the type of soil in your yard, or you may have a clogged landscape drain. Zoom Drain of Orange County specializes in nothing but landscape drain cleaning and repair, so our experts can help find a solution to your standing water issue.

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