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If you suspect something may be wrong with your drain or sewer lines in your home or business, have it inspected as soon as possible. Instead of reaching for that plastic bottle of corrosive drain cleaning chemicals – which can cause serious damage to your system – give the team at Zoom Drain® a call!

At Zoom Drain of Orange County, all we focus on are drains and sewers, so you can rest assured that our service technicians are true experts in the field. Whether you’re dealing with a routinely slow drain, foul sewer smell emitting from your drains, or other unknown drain issues, our team can deliver you the inspection services you need to quickly diagnosis the problem and work on providing you with a reliable solution.

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What Is a Video Drain Inspection?

At Zoom Drain of Orange County, our sewer and drain technicians begin every service with a thorough inspection of your system to locate the cause of your drain problems and give insight into the health of your system’s pipes. A video inspection is very unobtrusive to complete and preferred by our customers, as it prevents the need to dig up your pipes to inspect the inner lines and tubes of your sewer and plumbing system.

We use a drain inspection camera that allows our service technicians to watch a live feed, looking inside of pipes between 2 and 36 inches in diameter. The high resolution of our cameras allows us to locate even the smallest cracks and imperfections in your drains and pipes.

What Common Problems Are Found in a Sewer Drain Inspection?

Whether you’re dealing with a reoccurring slow-moving drain in your home, unexplained spikes in your water bill, or another type of draining problem, a thorough inspection of your system via your sewer drains allows us to quickly locate the problem and offer you a reliable, affordable solution.

Some of the most common problems we find during a drain inspection include:

  • Low Points – If your sewer sags or bellies, it can create the perfect trap for dirt and other debris to build, often leading to a large clog or obstruction that reoccurs even after cleaning. If the low point is ignored for long enough, the seals on your pipes may come undone, leading to disastrous results. Our cameras provide our team the chance to locate the exact point where your pipe sags and should be repaired.
  • Offset Pipes – Whether shifting is due to weather, earthquakes, or another environmental change, a large enough offset of your pipe can lead to an obstruction in flow. Once the area is identified, a few repair options will be presented, including minimally invasive trenchless sewer repair.
  • Physical Obstructions – From a tree root or rock to an unlucky rodent that found its way through a crack, physical obstructions could be the cause of your drain problems. Depending on what exactly is stuck in your system, our team should be able to complete a thorough cleaning and repair to make sure the chance of it happening again is reduced.
  • Gunk Build-Up – Your pipe’s walls trap a little bit of everything that passes through your system, from soap to leftover cooking grease. Since grease and oil aren’t water-soluble, the trapped gunk will eventually lead to a major clog and prohibit the free flow of waste. Using jet cleaning, we can get your pipes looking like new usually within the same service. The added benefit of video inspections is that everything is recorded, allowing you to compare the before and after videos of our work.
  • Pipe Damage – Ultimately, the chance of discovering that your sewer pipes are collapsing or cracking depends on the exact materials used and the age of your pipes. If the water flow is not obstructed and no signs of damage are occurring, there may not be anything that needs to be done! Regardless of the severity of your plumbing damage, our team can locate the cause via our drain camera inspection services.

We recommend having a video inspection of your system completed at least once a year. If your system is older than a decade, you may need to have your system inspected more often, around every six months or so.

Even if you’re currently not experiencing any problems with your drains or plumbing and sewer system, you should have your sewer system inspected regularly to ensure everything is working properly. Just like the rest of your system, routine inspection and maintenance is key to preventing future plumbing emergencies and headaches.

More often than not, sewer camera inspections in Orange County cost a great deal less than any type of sewer line repair, replacement, or relining would cost. When you have your sewer system inspected via a video camera, you are ensuring your drain specialist has the best view of your pipes, allowing them to provide a more accurate diagnosis and recommended solution.

When you want to schedule a video drain inspection in Orange County, reach out to our team by phone at or contacting us online!

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