Pipe Milling and Descaling

Pipe Milling and Descaling


Over the years, cast iron sewer pipes rust and scale builds up creating a rough surface that catches waste and debris, causing messy sewage backups. Sewer pipe milling can resurface the cast iron, making it smooth again. This is also the best tool to prep lines for installing CIPP liners.


If concrete or another building material got into your sewer line during home renovation or other DIY projects, the only choice was to replace the entire pipe. Now the technology and equipment used by our trenchless sewer repair company can remove hardened concrete and material to open your sewer line.


Nearby tree roots often grow into sewer pipes feeding on the nutrient rich waste. This is particularly common at the joints of pipes. While many companies suggest replacing the entire sewer line, our in-house sewer pipe milling can often remove the blockage without trenches and pipe replacement. Pipe milling used to remove tree roots saves you time and money and our trenchless sewer repair team can line the pipe after, sealing out the roots so they do not grow back.

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