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Is your bathtub or sink draining slowly? At Zoom Drain of Chicago, all we do is handle sewers. Our professionals have a wealth of experience inspecting, cleaning, repairing and replacing all different types of drain lines. So, if you’re in need of drain clearing in Bronzeville, we can help!

What are some of the warning signs that your pipes need a drain clearing?

  • Foul Odors – The smell of your drain is meaningful. If you are starting to notice the stench of rotten eggs, or any other embarrassing odor, you may need immediate service. With foul smells often come gnats or flies as well – so don’t let it get to that point!
  • Gurgling Sounds – Typically attributed to air bubbles, noises coming from your wastewater lines is an indicator that a clog is present and air is trapped and not ventilating properly. It should be cleared by a professional as soon as possible before it gets significantly worse.
  • Pooling Water – If you’re noticing water on your property, it’s cause for concern. With pooling usually comes foul sewage smells – and you’ll need a drain professional.

Are any of these indicators coming from your lines? If so, call Zoom Drain of Chicago at (312) 548-8879 today.

Why should you choose Zoom Drain when your wastewater isn’t draining properly? We specialize in wastewater lines – that’s all we handle! We have licensed professionals, all of whom have undergone background checks and passed an accredited training program.

We’re here to make it an easy experience for you. We know that most people work during the day, which is why Zoom Drain offers night and weekend hours at no extra charge, so that you can schedule your drain clearing without having to rearrange your entire day. If you’re dealing with an emergency, don’t worry. There’s always someone ready to answer your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week – and always a professional ready to come out and service the Bronzeville area and surrounding Chicago metro, immediately.

If you want to make sure your day is never thrown off with a drain issue again, our preventative maintenance plan makes sure someone is scheduled to come out and for a drain cleaning routinely. It can be done yearly, or even quarterly by the technician’s recommendation, but we recommend your drains be looked at by a professional yearly. When’s the last time you had yours checked?

If you have a drain in need of attention in Bronzeville, give us a call at (312) 548-8879. We’ll come out and assess for free!

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